Event Info | Pearl Gloves Charity Boxing Event

On November 29th, our goal is to take you to Vegas and back without the airplane!

Here are a few notes to help you prepare for a great night…

  • reception


    We're putting out some championship appetizers in the Gardenview Foyer including a couple of heavyweight charcuterie boards and antipasto stations so you can make it into the later rounds! And of course, there will be a cash bar.

  • doorsopen

    Doors Open

    You're encouraged to enter the main event hall and continue hob-nobbing before the event. This should give you just enough time to grab a few drinks and get settled in your seats for all the fight night action.

  • fightsstart

    Fights Start

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Let’s get ready to tussle! When the lights go down its time to sit back, take in the action and earn bragging rights so you can tell your grandkids... "I was there!".

Upon Arrival

  • parking

    On-site Parking

    There’s a reason we call it #BlackEyeDay - because it falls on Black Friday - get it? With the Outlet Mall directly across the street, expect very high traffic. There is plenty of parking on-site, but it fills up fast.

  • valet

    On-site Valet

    Valet parking is available for all attendees for $25 per vehicle. And each Ringside table is given valet vouchers in your wristband package allowing you to use valet parking at no cost.

  • shuttle

    Off-site Shuttle

    Once the on-site lots are full, attendants will direct you to park off-site at Royal Niagara Golf Club, our nearby partner lot. Free and frequent shuttles will get you where you need to be, both directions, all night.

Event Entry

  • dresscode

    Dress code

    There isn’t one per se. So what to wear you ask? Well, it would be really cool if you got all dolled up just like they do in Vegas for a fight night. We are.

  • wristbands


    You must have a wristband to get in. If you've received your wristbands in advance, you do NOT need to stop at the registration table - just walk right in like you own the place.

  • registration


    If you havent received your entry wristbands prior to arriving, you'll need to stop at the registration desk to pick up your wristbands. Once you have your wristband you can strut right on past security.

And a few more tidbits...

  • livestream

    Live Stream

    The event will be broadcasted in HD at www.pearlgloves.ca. That’s good enough quality that you shouldn’t ignore the hint above about what to wear ;) And we’ll have photogs all over the place so it’s best to bring your A-game!

  • afterparty

    After Party

    Thanks to our partners at White Oaks, there will be an exclusive after party for Pearl Gloves attendees only (19+). And here’s the cool part: it’s only a few steps from the fights! Just walk across the hall and get down with your bad self. Oh and its going late, so see the next point...

  • hotel rooms

    Hotel Rooms

    So you’d like to spend the night with us? We’re not surprised. We’ve made it easy with an exclusive block of rooms that will include a full breakfast for two the next morning. Just call White Oaks Reservations at 1-800-263-5766 and tell 'em you’re spending the night with Pearl Gloves.

  • security


    One of the great things about an awesome event like this is the attention it develops. But like all things we cherish, we have to keep it safe and comfortable for everyone. This year you may notice tighter security, stricter searches and getting asked to see your wristband... a lot. Please know it's to keep the event issue free, enjoyable for all and rocking for years to come.

  • Dining

    Pre-event Dining

    If you'd like to fill your belly before the event starts and are looking for something more than the reception offerings and don't want to wait for the amazing grub during the event, the modern and award winning LIV Restaurant will be offering an exclusive $40 dinner on fight day, ahead of the festivities, to Pearl Gloves ticket holders only! Available from 4:30pm - 6pm. Call 905.688.2550 x5248 to reserve today.

  • makeup


    Now we all want to look our best, but as the night rolls on and the excitement builds, sometimes we can get a little... sweaty. So our good friends and event sponsor The Pen Centre have graciously offered to set up stations, operated by the teams from Sephora and Caryl Baker Visage, to touch up all of the ladies' makeup, for free, whenever needed, all night long.