Pearl Gloves Fighter Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pearl Gloves Fighter. If you have any questions, please check the FAQ or feel free to email

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Video Submission

We highly encourage applicants to submit a video (approx 1-2 min) to accompany your application. We want you to be creative, tell your story, show us your personality, and convince us as to why you would make a great fit for the Pearl Gloves family. To submit your video, simply:

  • Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo and paste the link to the video in the field above;
  • Or use a file sharing service like Dropbox and paste the link to the video in the field above;
  • Or use a file transfer service like WeTransfer and email the file to

Personal Information

Do you currently live in the Niagara region?

Mailing Address

Pearl Gloves is open to residents of the Niagara region only.

Social Information

Please list any other social accounts, personal website, blog etc. that will help us learn more about you.

Company Information

Would your company sponsor or support you publicly in your choice to participate in Pearl Gloves?

Tale of The Tape

Please be very realistic about this. All Pearl Gloves bouts are sanctioned by Boxing Ontario, which has set weight classes. In order to match you with an opponent, you will have to commit to boxing at a specific weight. If you fail to achieve that weight (we know you won't!) you will be deemed ineligible to fight and pulled from the card.
With arms stretched out to the sides, measure from the tip of your fingers on one hand to the tip of your fingers on the other.

Event Participation


Being a fighter in Pearl Gloves is a great honour and requires a serious level of personal commitment. Are you able to guarantee your attendance and participation in the following events/dates?

6:30-9pm - White Oaks Resort
2-4pm - Evolve MMA
6:30-10pm - White Oaks Resort
9am-12:30pm (Not mandatory, but preferred)
6:30-9pm - White Oaks Resort
6:30-9pm - White Oaks Resort
White Oaks Resort
8-9:30pm - Mon(Red) / Wed(Blue)

Last Step

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form, I am applying as a member of the Pearl Gloves Fight Team. All of the information I have provided is true to the best of knowledge. I understand that if I am chosen as a member I will be required to adhere to a strict guideline as to my representation of, and commitment to, the Pearl Gloves event and organization. I further understand I will be training with the Pearl Gloves Fight Team as required and making myself available for the dates required without exception.

Thats it! Thanks for your time, and for your interest, in becoming a Pearl Gloves fighter. The Pearl Gloves Fight Team will be announced in June. Best of luck!