Fighter Application FAQ

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No, that's completely fine. We are looking for people who are interested in a challenge and willing to support the cause.
No. Well, kind of. We have a complete training program for all Pearl Gloves fighters, and some great coaches! Fighter health and safety is our top priority so your committment to training, and following your coach's programs will make sure you are ready and in great shape come fight night. But even though there is no real physical test to pass, your conditioning is critical to allowing you to enter the ring and is a call that will be made by your coaches.
The selection of Pearl Gloves fighters is based on multiple criteria, including but not limited to:
  • Boxing Ontario matching regulations (gender, height, weight, experience)
  • why you want to be part of the show
  • training commitment
  • fundraising efforts
  • opponent availability
  • your personal story
  • and more...
The Pearl Gloves organizing committee reviews all applications and decides as a group based on criteria outlined in the previous question. Although we would love to give everyone a chance to fight on this year's card, there are only a certain amount of slots available.
YES! The previous years of the Pearl Gloves featured many fantastic female bouts, even more than the men, including Fight of the Night, and we strongly encourage it!
We have a responsibility to the fighters, their health and safety, and the successful outcome of the show. We strongly encourage every applicant to consider their availability for training before applying. It's the perfect opportunity to prove something to yourself, support a fantastic cause and who knows, maybe even check something off your bucketlist! And as an FYI - not being able to commit to the training is a reason your application may not be selected.
No, you don't. If you are selected to be a part of the Pearl Gloves Fight Team, Pearl Gloves will pay for and register you with Boxing Ontario, the body that sanctions amateur Olympic style boxing in Ontario.
Fight camp is the intense training period of about 10 weeks before the fight. You will be required to attend evening sessions either Monday or Wednesday, and optionally Saturday afternoons, at the Pearl Gloves home gym - Evolve MMA - under the instruction of the Pearl Gloves Coaching Team. This is your boxing "finishing school" before your bout. Of course we encourage as much training as possible and we've arranged for even more... see next question.
Sure is! Our good friends at Evolve MMA in St. Catharines have graciously offered to let the Fight Team train for free right up until fight day. This allows you take part in the full schedule of training and classes at Evolve, from boxing to fitness, day in and day out.
Your gear for fight night is taken care of (uniforms, headgear, gloves) as well as the cost of your training. You will need to have your own gear for training though - handwraps, mouth guard, gloves, shoes and headgear. If you do not already have your own, you can take full advantage of our good friends at The Octagon, the fight pro shop located inside our home gym, Evolve MMA, for any and all equipment needed. Just tell 'em you made the Pearl Gloves Fight Team and they'll hook you up right - including a Fight Team exclusive discount!
Yes. Pearl Gloves is a charity boxing event to support Niagara's Fight Against MS. There will be a fundraising component to your participation in the show.
Fight day is one of the most exciting things you will be part of. On that day, you will do a run through of your ring entrance and get a feel for the actul venue. Two hours before the fight, you will do a final weigh in with Boxing Ontario officials and a quick medical check with our fight doctor. Prior to your fight, you will be in the training area warming up and preparing to make your walk to the ring. Depending on when your fight is, you may also be able to watch some of the fights before or after yours and meet all the people who have come out to see the show. Protip - TAKE THE DAY OFF WORK!
OH YEAH! The 'art of the walkout' is a long standing tradition in combat sports, especially Pearl Gloves. If you witnessed the event in past years, you will have noticed some pretty elaborate ring entrances. We encourage entertainment value!
We know she loves you, but only the Pearl Gloves Coaching Team may be in a fighter's corner. But mom can definitely be a part of your ring entrance!
Yep. As much as we'd love to open this event up to everyone, everywhere, this event is for Niagara, by Niagara, and you must reside in the Niagara region to participate.